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/ˈˌwərld ˈˌklas/


  1. (of a person) of or among those who make nothing short of amaze balls.

More simply put,

someone who

1. Has fantastic communication skills.

2. Is fluidly expert in their craft.

3. Is an all-around a good person.


Seems Reasonable.

Learn more about the Rixmo Artist Collective.

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What's in it 4 u?

Network, collaborate, and work directly with other expert artists and clients.

Be free to build your artistic brand personally, and on Rixmo.

Gain exclusive access to in-house software including our no-code 3D NFT generation package.

Not to Mention:

  • Set your own rates

  • You're in charge of your IP

  • Keep the vast majority of client revenue

  • And much more



Apply to be part of the Rixmo Artist Collective. We want to see what you got.

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