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Colorful Lights

Independent Artist Partnership Application


To submit an application, you must meet the minimum artistic requirements:

You must:

1. Have fantastic communication skills

2. Show advanced knowledge in your area of skill.

3. Be an all-around good person.

More specifically,

1. You should have experience communicating and accurately articulating client requests. Communication runs deeper than the words you say; you should be able to accurately interpret words to visuals. You must speak fluent English.

2. Every artist has his or her specific style. That style should be highly-developed and fine-tuned. Creativity should be clearly prevalent. Art should have story and meaning. 

3. Those associated with Rixmo hold up a standard of integrity, trust, and honor. You should be a sponsor of these values.

You'll be asked to elaborate about how you meet these qualifications shortly.

You should fill out this form on a computer and have your responses backed up, as we don't save them before you submit.


The Basics


Thanks for Applying!

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